Cyrano (cyranocyrano) wrote,

I'm not a doctor, but IFIAYAQ

Some of you may have noticed that yesterday I was pretty miserable.

It started late Saturday/early Sunday with repeated vomiting, to the point where I got about two hours of unconnected sleep. Further vomiting was triggered by drinking anything. It was combined with movement-inhibiting muscle aches, and hot and cold flashes. But no fever.

A housemate had experienced similar symptoms earlier in the week.

Much of this sounded like classic influenza, even though I'd had a flu shot. It was suggested that, with the sudden onset of symptoms, it might be a norovirus.

No vomiting since yesterday afternoon, and I had chicken soup for dinner, with solid food in the broth. I slept a good six hours, without waking, and other than lingering muscle pain, I'm feeling pretty okay this morning.

Am I Norovirus Mary? Full contagious and asymptomatic? Are tiny hostile bug regrouping inside me to attack at full strength at nightfall? I welcome your opinions, uninformed by actually seeing me.

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