Cyrano (cyranocyrano) wrote,

Aging Dragons

1. Still more than half tempted to start over with an archer. I can't move while shooting, and I find this irksome. However, I just discovered an ability that reduces cooldown on stuff for every regular shot I take, which makes me feel way better about the pitiful amount of damage my regular attack does. Although I think it only counts for the one school of magic.

2. In DA or ME if you give your NPCs abilities that don't fit in the quicktool bar, will they still use those abilities?

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Ask LAM about archers, she really likes them in DA so she might know. They're my least favorite build so I've never actually played them much in any game. Though at least in DA:I multi player, you CAN move while shooting if you have the right ability, just not very quickly.

In ME they'll use all abilities, if you have them set to auto use abilities.

In DA they'll only use abilities that are slotted, and they'll use them according to the tactics that are assigned. They don't always get a tactic to use every ability, so sometimes it is necessary to go through and evaluate the tactics.
Ever since Origins I've played an archer as first playthrough--a Rogue because they had locked chests before you had another Rogue in the party, and an archer because I get too confused in melee combat and need an outside vantage to direct attacks. And I know you can move a bit while shooting as an archer, which is why I miss it as a mage. It's really handy when you're raining down death and then your opponent gets Chain Ganged by one of the fighters and yanked off to the side. But playing a Dalish mage provides a lot of tasty RP.
In DA:I the mages are somewhat overpowered, especially if you take the knight-enchanter specialization. Though that does tend to get you into melee more but it doesn't have to.

Since DA:I works harder to give you the tactical mode and pauses a lot I'd think the melee/ranged difference would be a little less of an issue; you can pause and give orders and take the time to be a bit less confused. But that might just be a bit about playstyle too.
The pauses exist for DAO and DA2 as well, I used both extensively while learning how to play. :)
Space bar was my best friend at Ostagar.
DAO's combat system, to me, is cumbersome. Not quite as 'bad' as DAIs, but I can understand why you might be struggling with it.
Actually, my biggest problem with combat right now is that you have to time pressing the hot key *exactly* right or the game ignores it and continues with basic attack.
I want to say that if you queue the power up while in pause mode, it should fire it off; but it's been a loooong time since I've played DAO on the PC (and not extensively).
No, this is Inquisition. I could probably run it that way using TactiCam, but pausing before every attack to line up seems like a whole lot of extra time. And I already started over after 200 hours.
Ohhhhhh. Yeah, I hated the TactiCam. I can't remember what I did about the ability lag you're perceiving, or if I even noticed it. I generally just tried to overlevel/gear, I think.
My completist game play is already conducive to overleveling. Also, I need to get more ways to speed up mana recovery. I can vastly curtail cooldown times on my Storm school abilities, but I can't afford to cast them.

I think my big frustration with Tacticam is its limited perspective and the difficulty in seeing the parts of the battlefield I wanted to.