Cyrano (cyranocyrano) wrote,

IFIAYaQD: Nine Judges in Recess

Good news, y'all! You get to help me write plot!

Ten Judges in Recess: Time Served will have all the classic '80s time travel movie schticks, and we're going to start with a Justice from the past (the Tenth Judge) who delivers our plot. My problem is deciding who it's going to be. And I offer you the chance to help me out. Will our guest judiciary be:

John Marshall, the rough and tumble pulp hero?
Earl Warren, the peace and love hippie?
Louis Brandeis, genius and mad scientist?
Oliver Wendell Holmes, gentleman and wit?
Thurgood Marshall, hero of the underdog, champion of Truth?

I thought the poll code would push through. If you're here and don't have a login at Dreamwidth, feel free to just leave a comment.

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