Cyrano (cyranocyrano) wrote,

Review at Farpoint: The Inner Light

I know it's a beautiful, award winning episode.
But it still pisses me off.

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Tags: coyote cinema
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Why so?
I thought we butted heads about this before. For me, it boils down to mostly consent.
If you were at your job one day and were abruptly plucked away from the people you love, the city/ship you love, and then for thirty years you never heard from them or saw them (or even had somebody admit they existed and that you weren't crazy for thinking so) that would suck, regardless of the lesson you learned from it. Emotionally reconciling with people you haven't seen in decades but who saw you yesterday would be awkward, but probably not debilitating. The people teaching you this lesson held your body hostage and threatened to kill you if your friends interfered, which isn't relevant to Picard until after the fact, but still doesn't score any points with me in the end.
We may have! Although if so, I didn't recall the specifics.

I actually kind of appreciate the moral questionability of the probe's builders' acts - it gives the whole thing an extra dimension of desperation. It's a very human thing to want to survive, if only in memory - and there's a real pathos in wanting to be remembered so strongly that you're willing to ignore (or simply not think through) the implications of your chosen method.