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An Infinite Number of Monkeys


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1 April 1969
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There are hundreds of legends about the urban coyote. All of them are true. Scouting the Santa Clara Valley, glimpses of his shadowy form can be seen betimes, usually near the bay shore or along Highway 237 near Moffet Field. His presence in meatspace is minimal, however, and he is far more easily located on the cyberside--perhaps at the watering hole at TooMUSH or the fire circles of GarouMUSH. His passions do not, alas, revolve around his work. Herein lies the essential contradiction of his life--do what you gotta so you can do what you wanna.
$240 worth of pudding, 7th sea, acting, alan moore, alfred hitchcock, amber, anomalous crimes task force, antonio banderas, any passing fad, arcanom, babylon 5, backrubs, bisexuality, blowing bubbles, boiled in lead, bordertown, bosch, brown eyes, c.s. lewis, candles, catholic mythology, charles delint, cheese, chinese food, chocolate, choo choo bear, cinema, costuming, coyotes, cuddling, cute geeks, cyranocyrano.livejournal.com/security/group:torchw, dancing, dar williams, dave barry, delerium, difficult women, driveshaft, erasure, escher, fairy tales, fantasies, fedoras, film noir, firefly, fog, gardens, garlic, geronimo jackson, gilmore girls, gir, gurps, harlan ellison, hellboy, history, hong kong movies, hot baths, hugging, humphrey bogart, ike broflovski, indian food, invader zim, italian food, jess hartley, jhonen vasquez, john hughes, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, joss whedon, kissing, larps, leather, long drapey trenchcoats, long hair, love, magic, making mix discs, mambo, matt groening, melissa etheridge, mexican food, milk and cheese, monkeys, neil gaiman, neo-victoriana, nice jewish girls, ofra haza, oz squad, p.g. wodehouse, pachuco suits, pasta, photography, political science, polyamory, porajmos, rain, red hair, rent, rhumba, role playing games, salt and vinegar crisps, sarah vowell, science fiction, sex, shakespeare, silk, sinatra, singing, snideness, snow, soap bubbles, something positive, sorkin dialogue, southwestern food, spelling my interests correctly, sports night, stained glass windows, steve buscemi, steven brust, stewie griffin, storytelling, strangers in paradise, sunsets, swallowtail coats, swing, tango, tarot cards, terry gilliam, thai food, the bureau, the moon, the ocean, the paranormals, the swanky modes, theater, they might be giants, tim burton, tom stoppard, unique interests, urban fantasy, velvet, victoriana, waterhouse, whedon dialogue, winnie the pooh, wombats, writing, zoot suits

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